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DH-006 Shock resistant tunnel lamps

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Product Details

Scope of application:

It is suitable for lighting in tunnels, toll booths, viaducts and underground facilities.

Tunnel light parameters:

1, aluminum die-casting tunnel light

2. Fit for the installation of sodium lamp 150W-250W-400W

3, size 571 x 300 x 150 (mm)

Characteristics of tunnel light performance:

1, integrated lamps and lanterns, the shape is light and beautiful, and is treated by anti-corrosion electrostatic spraying.

2. Import high purity aluminum reflectors to provide excellent optical performance.

3, accurate computer distribution design, symmetrical and asymmetric reflector, specifically for tunnel lighting design;

4, 5mm tempered glass, high temperature resistance, impact resistance;

5, high strength foam solid silicone seal ring, high temperature resistance, high level of dust and waterproof.

6. Execute standard GB7000.1 IP65