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For tunnel lighting area vitality LED tunnel light advantage is obvious

Datetime: 2018-05-15 19:32:57    Views: 610

The tunnel lights are not only installed in our common tunnels, but also include underground passageways, railways and other places with lighting requirements. With the progress and development of science and technology, the field of tunnel lighting has also undergone great changes. From the traditional sodium lamp, the golden halide lamp and the latest LED tunnel lamp, it has made great progress in terms of energy efficiency ratio, cost reduction and maintenance cost.

In recent years, the country has vigorously advocated green environmental protection. Because of the traditional lamps and lanterns, and the higher maintenance cost and short service life of the products, many lighting manufacturers have focused their eyes on the new LED tunnel lights. In addition, LED tunnel lights are more advantageous than traditional lamps and lamps. LED is a solid-state semiconductor device, which directly transforms electrical energy into light energy, with less light attenuation, higher color display, and better safety performance.

At present, no matter in the city or in the rural areas, the vast majority of the new infrastructure projects, in the tunnel lighting category, no one is not a LED tunnel lamp, because the LED tunnel lamp has many advantages unparalleled with the traditional lamps. Thanks to the national policy call and the advantages of LED tunnel light, the market share of LED tunnel lamps has increased year by year in recent years.

The reason why people prefer LED tunnel lights, first do not talk about the LED tunnel light group effect, only a single LED tunnel light has high brightness, uniform light, good heat dissipation and other factors. For example, the Danyang tunnel lamp and electrical appliance factory has the following characteristics in designing a single LED tunnel light:

1, modular design, according to customer requirements to increase or decrease modules, producing different types of lamps with different power.

2, drive power box generally adopts independent design, installation and maintenance is more convenient.

3, installation angle can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

4, because of the use of advanced high efficiency lamp beads, the whole lamp is still keeping high brightness while maximizing energy saving and emission reduction.

Generally speaking, the cost of tunnel lighting mainly includes electricity cost, maintenance cost, product purchase cost and distribution installation cost. According to the time of investment, it can be divided into the early stage of construction. The main cost cost in this period is only to buy LED tunnel lamp products, other supporting facilities and construction and installation costs. The late stage of operation and maintenance is the gradual increase in the use cost of the entire LED tunnel lighting.

Compared with traditional lighting and new LED lighting, in the long run, the lighting scheme of LED tunnel lamp has obvious advantages from cost. And with the continuous development of LED light source, its efficiency and lighting efficiency will be higher and higher, and the products will be more and more mature. At present, the popularity of LED tunnel lighting has become an irreversible trend. In the future, LED lighting will be applied in a wider range of fields.