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How to correctly install the tunnel lighting system

Datetime: 2018-05-15 19:01:35    Views: 495

1. Measurement of tunnel lamps

The installation of tunnel lamps and stents is neat and beautiful, and the measuring process is the key. First of all, whether the actual height of the road surface from the top of the tunnel is consistent with the lighting construction drawings.

Height: according to the height of the tunnel exit direction as the reference point, determine the level of the tunnel entrance level, each 10m side to determine a point, with the professional waterline will be connected to the first end, as the center of the installation of lamps and lanterns, and make a mark to make a proper hole. A standard model of the lamp bracket is made from a relatively solid material plate, and the position of the lamp holder is drilled according to the location and height of each lamp.

2. Installation of the base of the tunnel lamp

By using the trolley, the construction personnel drill holes in the percussion drill according to the measured location and fix the lamp bracket with expansion bolts on the tunnel wall. During operation, the impact bit should be perpendicular to the tunnel wall. The head of the bolt should not be larger than 1mm, and the expansion bolt must be fixed.

3. Installation of high pressure sodium lamp

Appearance check: the appearance of the luminaire is intact, the components are connected reliably, and the sealing meets IP65 requirements. Technical inspection: the model is in line with the design, and the relevant certificate information is complete. The single lamp is installed with the electricity test, then the illumination of the luminaire is adjusted.

In accordance with the above method, after installation of the 10% luminaire, the test and adjustment of the tunnel luminaire will be carried out once again. The basic optical axis of the tunnel can be located on both sides of the middle line of the road, and the light curve of the tunnel emergency light should be the center of the tunnel pavement. Other lighting is adjusted to the best condition of curve lighting.