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How to solve the tunnel lights"s white holes and black holes?

Datetime: 2018-05-15 19:00:27    Views: 660

What are the "white holes" and "black holes" of tunnel lights? In a simple way, people travel through the tunnel, and the visual light fatigue is equal to that you are in a bright face from the tunnel, so you can"t see the tunnel. This is called a "black hole", and the "white hole" is the opposite. You are in the dark side of the tunnel, so you only see a bright light in the tunnel. It is not out of the tunnel. These two situations are prone to traffic accidents, and tunnel lights can solve this problem.

There are many kinds of tunnel lights, they are sodium lamp tunnel light, electrodeless tunnel lamp and LED tunnel light. Each lamp has its own advantages and characteristics.

The materials for making tunnel lamps are usually very particular. They are high strength, good compression resistance, and can withstand cold and heat resistant metal materials. The ballast in the tunnel lamp adopts the most advanced overheating protection technology, which can effectively extend the use time of lamps and lanterns. The reflector is imported aluminum anti-oxidation material with good reflectivity.

After receiving the line, we should check every tunnel light to ensure that every lamp can run normally. The tunnel lamp has excellent stability, simple operation, strong practicability and low failure rate.